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Storage Solutions Calculator

Solution type

Analog Card
Number of analog camsFPSResAudioDaysHoursMotionQuality
Camera model Number of IP cams Video format FPS Res Audio Days Hours Motion

Total Size (GB, gigabytes)
Minimum bandwidth (Mbps, megabits per second)
Minimum CPU requirement for live view
Minimum RAM requirement for live view
  • The minimum hardware required to run NUUO software depends mainly on the number of cameras and their video settings.
  • The calculator is for NUUO IP+(NVR), NUUO SCB Series(DVR), NUUO Hybrid solution, or NUUO NVR.
  • NUUO products support Windows 2003 32-bit and Windows XP 32-bit.
  • All products also support Windows Vista 32-bit, except SCB-5000 Series and SCB-4016.
  • The default bitrate for audio is 48 Kbps.
  • Using network drives for recording is NOT recommended. It is recommended to directly attach a hard drive instead of using network drives.
  • Minimum bandwitdh is the least amount of network capacity required for data streaming over LAN or internet. Please reserve 40% or more bandwidth to guarantee stable connection and good remote viewing quality. For instance, 0.8 Mbps (or 800 Kbps) of streaming data works fine with a 2 Mbps upload network connection but not with a 1 Mbps upload network connection.
  • All the testing video streams are set to normal qualities.
  • NVRmini bandwidth limits
    • NV2020 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 20 Mbps.
    • NV2040 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 20 Mbps.
    • NV4080 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 30 Mbps.
    • NV4016 has a maximum bandwidth limit of 22 Mbps.
  • It is required that a dedicated graphics card be installed. Please see also our hardware compatibility list.